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File Protect System

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Updated: 1/11/2019
Added: 1/11/2019
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File Protect System (FPS) is a semi-professional application for files and folders encryption. FPS provides the user the option of choosing an encryption algorithm. Encryption can be done using a password or a digital objects (images). Encrypted files can be stored on the local disk, on a server, or on external storage. The application allows the exchange of encrypted messages and files. File Protect System can convert any computer with an Windows operating system installed to extremely powerful cipher machine as used by special services and government agencies. The application has a very wide range of options to ensure the information protection. What distinguishes the application from all the similar is that the user can encrypt different files with one password, but with a different algorithm. Another important advantage is the ability to package files and folders. One package can combine files from different devices. FPS allows professional protection of personal data without requiring specialized knowledge. The interface is easy to use and looks very much like File Explorer The application includes the following standard encryption algorithms: Blowfish Haval (256 bit, 5 passes) CAST-128 (CAST-5) CAST-256 (CAST-6) Information Concealment Engine (ICE) Information Concealment Engine 2 (ICE-2) ICE Encrypt MISTY-1 (Mitsubishi Improved Security Technology) Ron's Code 2 or Rivest's Cipher 2 (RC-2) Ron's Code 4 or Rivest's Cipher 4 (RC-4) Ron's Code 5 or Rivest's Cipher 5 (RC-5) Ron's Code 6 or Rivest's Cipher 6 (RC-6) Serpent Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) Twofish
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