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Insurance Sales Tracking

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Version: 1.3.60
Downloads: 60881
Updated: 4/4/2012
Added: 8/13/2011
License: Commercial
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Sales Tracking is a complete package for insurance agents and agencies. You can track your sales, documents, commission checks all in easy to use software Sales Tracking can keep track of... Sales Commission Checks Clients Balances Documents with Auto-Attach feature, scan it and dont worry about it! Clients Files And you'll be able to Print clients receipts Virtually print anything into Sales Tracking and attach it! Apply clients payments (promissory notes) See where your business going by percentage to companies and agent and more! Integrate with FSC Integrate with Quickbooks (for accounting) Generate Reports and views Distribute Tasks to the agents Automated customer Call back system! (Coming soon) Company Downloads (Coming soon - always free update)
Key words: Insurance Management System, Sales Management, Sales Tracking, Insurance CMS,

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